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John Barchard

Host & Executive Producer of BGN Radio - www. johnbarchard.com

A 14 year veteran of the radio and voice over industry and the co-founder of BGN Radio. Along with the regular BGN Radio show you can hear John on Sportsradio 94WIP in Philadelphia and sometimes you can hear him singing in the shower.


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Brandon Gowton

Editor In Chief, BleedingGreenNation.com

A co-founder of BGN Radio along with being in charge of Bleeding Green Nation.  He also contributes to Philadelphia 76ers SB Nation site Liberty Ballers. You can find him most days down at the Nova Care facility with a fancy Wawa hat on his head. He is very tall. He never sleeps.

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James Seltzer

Co-host & Producer of BGN Radio. Host of This Week In Fantasy

Currently James is the executive producer for the Midday Show on 94WIP in Philadelphia. He is side by side with John during the season on the BGNR radio show that airs Sportsradio 94WIP on Saturday evenings during the Eagles season. A lover of classic rock, hip-hop and a is a big time Phish head.







John Stolnis

Co-Host, BGN Radio

John Stolnis is a writer for SB Nation's Phillies blog The Good Phight, as well as for numberFire.com, and hosts a weekly Phillies podcast called The Felske Files. John has also passionately followed the Eagles since the Buddy Ryan days and can still remember watching Randall Cunningham bounce off of Carl Banks like a pinball during a big MNF game in '88. John has also spent 19 years in the radio industry as a editor, producer, anchor, correspondent, disc jockey and talk show host. He currently serves as an Executive Editor and Correspondent for Westwood One News Radio in Washington, DC. John lives in northern Virginia with his wife and three young boys.





Turron Davenport

Co-Host & BGN Radio Draft Analyst

Turron Davenport has provided credentialed coverage of various NFL teams including the 49ers, Ravens, and Eagles. He's also covered the NFL Draft for over 15 years. He is currently an Eagles reporter for The Eagles Wire of USA TODAY SMG as well as the NFL Draft for Football Game Plan.








Matt Dering

Co-Host, Sergeant At Arms - r/eagles, Host - Don't Go To The Phones

Matt Dering is a veteran of the radio scene having spent over 20 years as a drive time morning talk radio station in Canada on a station you haven’t heard of. His areas of expertise include presidents, and Hemingway.








Ben Natan

Co-Host, Lead NFL Draft Writer for bleedinggreennation.com

Ben Natan is a student at NYU studying Acting and Political Sociology. He has covered College Football and the NFL draft since 2012.








Vince Quinn

Co-Host, Co-Editor of BGNRadio.com

Vince Quinn fancies himself as an intelligent, philosophical man who pushes sports conversation into exciting new avenues. People on Twitter say he’s an idiot. When he’s not with BGN Radio Vince can be found hosting and producing for SportsRadio94WIP as well as writing on his blog at http://TheWooderCooler.com











Jack Fritz

Co-Host, Co-Editor of BGNRadio.com

Jack went to Bloomsburg University where he played baseball. Graduated with a sterling 2.9 GPA and a career 6.03 ERA. His girlfriend's name is Jill, so yes ... a Jack and Jill power couple. Carson Wentz is one of the 7 most important people in his life. He is one of the newest members of the BGN Radio crew and also a producer at Sportsradio 94WIP. You can hear his lovely tones on BGN Radio and also read his stuff over at http://phillyfootballtalk.com/







Patrick Wall

Co-Host, Contributor bleedinggreennation.com

Patrick Wall is an Associate Editor for Bleeding Green Nation. Patrick enjoys long walks on the beach and 90's radio rock. Prior to his time at BGN he spent two seasons with the Eagles, writing for the team's website and publications, as well as handling the design of the team website. When he's not writing or podcasting, you can find him drumming in the indie pop band Queen of Jeans.







Trevor Strunk

Co-Host - Don't Go To The Phones

Trevor Strunk is a PhD in English, and more interestingly, a long time Eagles fan. He has been published in scholarly venues, as well as Baseball Prospectus, SB Nation, Unwinnable Magazine, and VICE (forthcoming). He has one small daughter named Tilly, is married, and lives in the Philadelphia area. He also is a safety away from competition, a red zone receiver away from a real playoff push, and a defensive coordinator away from the Super Bowl. Trevor was a UDFA pickup, and is most likely to end up on the practice squad.







Adam Hermann

Co-Host, Lead Contributor at bleedinggreennation.com

Adam likes to eat new foods, listen to new music, and read about new things. He grew up in Pittsburgh (rooting for the Penguins), but he moved to Philadelphia in 2012 and isn't interested in leaving any time soon. His first Eagles jersey was a green Duce Stanley, and his last was a black DeSean Jackson. He's a fan of people first and sports second






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