BGN Radio #193: Never Fly To Detroit

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What We Talk About

  • Well that game went exactly how we thought it would.
  • For the Moms and Dads in the room, we pause 5 seconds so you can lower the volume as we go on large cursing rant
  • The first half defensive gameplan was by far the worse decision of the entire game
  • Ryan Mathews doesn't deserve all of the blame, but he deserve all of the blame
  • Carson Wentz went deep and it was wrong the decision but we don't hate trying to go for the win.
  • Doug Pederson called a really good game, but it's very surprising that he didn't go to Ertz/Celek more than they did.
  • Bradford got a lot of crap last year about dropped balls. And even with Wentz throwing them open it's still a huge issue. This offense needs a player maker.
  • Zach Ertz, 3 seasons, 9 TDs
  • Lane Johnson is shoving his chips in the middle. Per Howard Eskin it's going to be zero games or ten games
  • Mychael Kendricks fall from grace
  • Jason Peters looked a little long in the tooth
  • The NFC East is still bad, this will come down to the Cowboys and the Eagles
  • We hand out our silver linings
  • Carson Wentz showed you that he handles adversity really well
  • The defense did too
  • Doug called a really good game
  • No more Jim Schwartz HC rumors?
  • A quick rant on the NFLPA
  • Final Thoughts & more!

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