BGNR Bud Light Live #3: The Grog

We came

We talked

We drank all of it

John Barchard & James Seltzer traveled up to Bryn Mawr to hang out at The Grog on Tuesday night. They dove into a bunch of different things including: 

  • Vikings vs. Giants: Is it bad they we are looking ahead two weeks from now?
  • The Eagles WR vs The Vikings secondary looks completely unwinnable
  • OBJ & his comments on "not having fun anymore." Are there even more NFL players that feel this way?
  • What are the chances that the Eagles go from 3-0 to the dog house?
  • Which NFL team has been the biggest surprise so far and which NFL team has been the biggest disappointment?

Plus we had our friends and listeners join us on the pod:

  • John GENTILE - @JOHNGENTILEINPA - Salesman extraordinaire for 94WIP and the reason why we get to drink beers and talk Birds at these awesome place
  • Brian Coulter - @PhilaBCoulter - Brian has put Patrick Wall on notice with his luscious NPR tones and gives his takes on the future of the Eagles season.
  • Albert Lord - ‏@lord_albertiv  - Albert has been following the pod for a long time and we were very excited to meet him for the first time. We talked the usage of Sproles and how Pederson can try and lean on him a little more in the passing game.

The Grog was without a doubt one of our favorite spots on the Tuesday night tour so far. Be sure to check them out if you are in Bryn Mawr.

We'll be out again next Tuesday, so stay tuned we could be at a place near you!


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