BGN Radio #175: We Just Want To See Carson Wentz

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Episode #175 crew: John Barchard, James Seltzer, Adam Hermann

We are so close to Eagles training camp! Annnnnnd there doesn't seem like a lot of excitement?

Is there anything that you are really looking forward to other than Carson Wentz?

Is Philly already Ben Simmons' town? 

The old new old news: Wentz will be inactive on game day for a good chunk of the season. 


The Eagles are cutting back on sports science. Apparently Doug Pederson can tell if some is tired just by looking at him. A Ditkaism or good to shed all of the bells and whistles?

Is Doug getting respect from the locker room the most important thing heading into this season?

We congratulate the NFL media for the month of July. The hot takes have been very minimal this offseason.

And since we haven’t heard too many hot takes … we’ll make our own:

Adam: "Sam Bradford plays all 16 games and throws 26-28 touchdowns."

James: "Chase Daniel will start the most games and be the most productive QB this season."

John: "Nelson Agholor will go 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns this year."

We answer your questions!

Where do the Eagles WR/TE/RB stand in terms of fantasy value? Are there any sleepers like possibly Wendell Smallwood or Chris Givens?

If they made a BGN Radio movie, which actor plays each member?

Fantasy football: Can Chris Ivory go in the top four rounds? 

What’s the best ‘Pump you up speech’ in a sports movie?

Can Jalen Mills be a starter by the end of the season?

Pick three Eagles players on both sides of the ball that will still be part of the core in three years

Fantasy: I have Thomas Rawls and David Johnson as keeper RBs in late rounds. Should I roll with zero RB and load up on early WR picks?

Will our planet be sucked into the supermassive black hole existing at the center of our galaxy before the Eagles win a Super Bowl?

Who would be more likely to front a Grateful Dead tribute band: Sammy, Chase, or Carson?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

If you could trade for Alshon Jeffrey right now, would you do it?

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