BGN Radio #178: Lane Pops Our Optimism Balloon

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Show Topics

Crew: John Barchard, James Seltzer, John Stolnis & Alexis Chassen

What the hell was Lane Johnson thinking? 

Also, how did this info get into the hands of Darren Degaetano

We welcome in John Stolnis from and the Felske Files podcast

Lane’s agent issues his statement, but that’s ends up falling flat.

The silver lining is still rooting for Carson Wentz to become a franchise QB. As always, having a good QB masks a lot of offensive deficiencies.

Alexis Chassen reminds us of the Eagles things that would should not care about.

What we are looking at vs. The Bucs

  • Eagles front 4 starters vs Tampa’s OLine
  • Jalen Mills vs. Eric Rowe: How far apart are they?
  • Carson Wentz. Duh.
  • DE & LB depth players. Is there a diamond in the rough out there?
  • Doug Pederson’s offensive wrinkles to Andy’s playbook (we hope)
  • Big V & Seumalo
  • Steven Means (REVENGE GAME!), Joe Walker & Byron Marshall 

Did everyone catch BLG’s cameo in the Eagles series ‘The Journey’? 

Jason LaCanfora reports that the Eagles have been in talks to trade a TE for a MLB and we hope that’s not Trey Burton.

We answer your questions!

Who is your under the radar player for Thurs night?

Does Bradford REALLY have any major value at the end of the season? Wouldn’t teams just wait for him to be cut?

If you have to choose one of the BGNR host to run for office with, who would be your VP and your body guard? Also, who would you run against?

Which Eagles’ player could win a gold medal in the Olympics?

Favorite pizza toppings?

Fast forward to next offseason, are the Eagles going to focus on RB or OLine early?

Final thoughts and more!

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