BGN Radio #179: Eagles vs Bucs Reaction Show

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Show Topics

  • Crew: Matt Dering & John Stolnis
  • Well that game was really boring BUT had some exciting moments
  • No serious injuries, but let’s put Brandon Brooks in protective tube until Week 1
  • Wentz debuted! Despite the numbers and rookie mistakes, we we’re impressed.
  • The WRs & OLine are going to be a problem all year. Rinse and repeat.
  • The RBs had a good showing, Ryan Mathews once again reminded us that he’s a really good running back if he’s healthy.
  • Nothing about last night said Chase Daniel should go over Carson Wentz
  • John on the QB situation: “I think it if this team goes 4-4 in Week 8, I don’t think Pederson knows what he’s going to do”
  • Dave Fipp, his crazy eyes and the special teams looked like a well oiled machine. Joe Walked & Chris Maragos shined last night.
  • The kicker competition: Strugis still has the edge.
  • How do you think Doug Pederson handle his first game?
  • The defense was solid and the secondary is still up in the air.
  • No major injuries, we’re on to Pittsburgh 
  • Final thoughts & more!

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