BGN Radio #182: Eagles vs. Colts Preview Show

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Show Topics

  • Jason LaCanfora tease us with some possible trade news

  • The Josh Gordon trade rumors are stirring up once again. We debate again if he's worth pursuing for the Eagles

  • ESP asks if you would trade Gordon for Agholor straight up... so... woulda?

  • The Truest Eaglea: Stephen Tulloch has arrived. Is Jim Schwartz the GM of the defense?

  • What are you looking for in this pretty important dress rehearsal vs the Colts?

    • Eagles O-Line: Seumalo is out, can Wisniewski hold down the LG spot?

    • The Eagles have said that they will be game planning vs. Colts. Let's see this running game take off a little here

    • Eagles D-Line vs Colts O-Line should be a gross miss match

    • Colts WRs vs this Eagles secondary: This will be a good test

    • Eagles O-Line vs Colts D-Line: A battle the Eagles SHOULD win.

    • How many yards will out favorite Eagles of all time, Frank Gore have in the first half? We say at least a 1,000. 

We answer your Eagles questions!

  •  How many super bowls will Dak win this preseason?

  • I have heard that the Eagles season is in fact already over. Is this true?

  • Fashion question! Why do the Eagles insist on wearing all white throughout every preseason game? It's bothersome.

  • Must view Eagles game this season and why?

  • What's going on with Lane Johnson? Is it normal for B sample tests to be dragged out this long?

  • Mckelvin looks overly aggressive w/good and bad plays, is he really best option at CB2?

  • Smith has been getting praise, but seems to be helped by pressure Means initiates, is Smith

  • I'm worried that if Wentz plays with a bad O-line, he will pick up bad habits and his development will be stunted. Am I right?

  • What's Sam's trade value, a 4th?

  • Should I get a Dawkins jersey or pick from the 53 man roster 

  • Final Thoughts & more!

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