BGN Radio #184: Not A Misprint: Bradford for a 1st

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Show Topics

  • Episode #184 crew: John Barchard, James Seltzer, Matt Dering, Patrick Wall 
  • What ... just ... happened? 
  • As the rumors continued to grow, no one really thought the Vikings would have traded for Sam Bradford. And NO ONE thought they would do it for a first round pick. 
  • There might not have been a plan to trade Bradford like this, but the "optionality" of the roster made this possible.
  • The Carson Wentz era starts now, how have your expectations for this season changed?
  • At what point are other NFL general managers going to realize that they are probably at the wrong end of a deal when negotiating with Howie Roseman?
  • Why Chase Daniel shouldn’t start any games unless Wentz isn’t healthy.
  • Eric Rowe is still here, but this is an odd situation
  • If Rowe does get moved at some point … is his value only worth a Dennis Kelly type?
  • One surprise cut: Najee Goode
  • Paul Turner makes the squad! (for now)
  • With the conditions of the trade, are you rooting for Sammy Sleeves to head to the Super Bowl so the Eagles can get a 2018 2nd AND a 2017 1st or do you just want a 1st round pick in the 15-20 range?
  • This trade allows you to build around Wentz and give you a small insurance policy on him
  • Matt: "Imagine if the Vikings just end up being horrible and you traded Sam Bradford for the 4th overall pick ..."
  • John: "Well, mark this down … if that happens I am showing up to the draft buck ass naked. They can take me to jail." 
  • With the Eagles season coming up, our sponsor, Clippit, has some great news for the BGN community.
  • The Sanchize is in Big D and the Cowboys might actually be in hot water for trying to signing him too early
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  • Final thoughts and more!
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