BGN Radio #223: Is The Kenny Britt Train Rolling In?

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Episode #223 crew: Brandon Lee Gowton, James Seltzer

• The return of LeSean McCoy AND DeSean Jackson? Do you want them back? Would the Eagles do it?

• Terrelle Pryor and A.J. Bouye reportedly won't be get the franchise tag. The Eagles should be careful.

• Eagles linked to DeSean, Alshon Jeffery, Kenny Britt, Pierre Garçon, Kenny Stills. Which wide receiver makes the most sense?

• Left tackles around the league are getting cut. This could impact the Jason Peters situation.

• Are the Cowboys really going to have to cut Tony Romo (spoiler: probably!)

• Laughing at the situation Washington is in with Kirk Cousins: either paying him $24 million on the tag or making him the highest paid player in NFL history.

• We answer ALL of the Eagles questions you sent in on Twitter!

@ShawnIsNotOK: Are there any players you do NOT want on this Eagles team?

@PhilaBCoulter: Please expand on your true feelings on Okafor, BLG.

@therealdesean10: Sign Jeffery, Trade/Cut Peters, draft Ramczyk in the first. What you think?

@trestINme: Pick one: Embiid win finals mvp or Wentz win superbowl mvp?

@makarov_: How much should the Eagles be willing to pay Alshon Jeffery in guaranteed / average annual?

@MattGrumbrecht: If you could go back in time and redo an Eagles draft pick who would you take over guy Eagles took?

@CaptainSidd: Do @BrandonGowton @JamesSeltzer speak Russian?

@nickdevir: There any free agent RBs we could sign that would be able to start/contribute significantly?

@Jason_Bartlow: Simple and easy... DGB stay or go?

@Willing2GoHamm: Would you take Shady McCoy back if he is cut by the bills?

@loebie723: Any news on free agents and if eagles sign free agents will they go after corner back?

@ColinBenner: Who do I send my questions to?

@Pozzimus_prime: Reuben Foster falls to 14/15. BPA or BPA at area of need?

@PhillyMike: How is it possible that Eagles have a starting QB on rookie deal and still have cap issues? #Howie

@monsone87: Can we trade Jahlil Okafor for a wide receiver?

@killakow: Lou bega. do you listen to him?

@OfficialRoit: What should be the Eagels draft approach? Positions! BPA?

@connerr25: Who are some guys we could target if we traded down to 25 or so?

@SteeMurda220:  Thoughts on Dan Feeney in the second round? He, with Isaac Seumalo and Brandon Brooks, could cement the interior for years to come.

@superdadapostle: JMatt averages 800 yards per year as only viable option. Would only be better with help. Why shouldn't Eagles re-sign him? He would be even better with added talent around him.

@W4RGEI5T: If you can sign Alshon and O.J. Howard is on the board, would you take him?

@Jack_Fritz34: Which of the newest additions to BGN Radio is most likely to be the Wentz/most likely to be Okafor?

@jaiden_saxon: Will my cat share in Eagles victories this year ... or do I need to adopt again?

@flintlock97: Draft thoughts on Samaje Perine vs Jamal Williams. Who are you drafting and why?

@RichardJPSmith: In the UK there are regular murmurings about a London franchise. What do you think about the idea?

@JuanLGalaviz: How does depth at Draft affect value or demand for some Free Agents?

@AlainAmazan: Why isn’t there more love for Kenny Britt as a mid-term not too expensive option?

@michaelcamps: If the Eagles made a trade for a player do they have any players with value? Kendricks aside.

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