BGNR Radio #224: The Eagles Mock Drafts Are Getting Boring

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Episode #224 crew: John Barchard, Ben Natan, Turron Davenport

• Does Connor Barwin actually have some trade value or is this just for show?

• Carson Wentz, Cooper Kupp, and Chad Hansen were all working out together last week and John has the shivers. 

• Does Carson have any pull with who the Eagles sign in free agency?

• This is the part of the NFL Draft season where everyone begins over-correcting … Day 1 guys are now Day 2 guys and Day 3 guys are now Day 1 guys. #OverAnalysis

• Media members with access to players tend to judge their personalities and link that to their play during the Senior Bowl and Combine.

• Two players can be good at the same time! Just because you watch a WR today doesn’t make the WR you watched 4 weeks ago bad now.

• There are a lot of different draft media members that continue to re-rank the same 10 guys rather than looking further down the rest of the class.

• We chat about setting college players up for failure by overvaluing what they will be in the NFL

• John Barchard gets confused and thought that John Legend had a draft take about John Ross

• With the Eagles specifically, the conversation is getting a little stale for possible draft choices in the first round. It’s Cook, Davis or Tabor and there isn’t anyone else that people are letting in.

• Where are you at with D'Onta Foreman?

• We talk running back prospects: James Connor, Joe Williams, Brian Hill, Christian McCafferty, Samaje Perine & more

• We go back to last year and look at the overcorrecting with Wentz & Dak Prescott

• As Eagles fans we are deprived of WRs catching footballs, just remember that doesn’t mean they are superstars

• Juju Smith-Schuster, USC, Nelson Agholor, and logo scouting

• A quick conversation about Washington, Kirk Cousins & Mike Glennon

• Final thoughts and more!

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