BGN Radio #233: What’s It Like In An NFL Scouting Department At Draft Time?

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PRE-DRAFT PARTY NEWS: We will be at Delilah's on Wednesday, April 26th for a BGN Radio PRE-DRAFT Party and broadcast.

DRAFT PARTY NEWS:  We’re heading to the NFL Draft and you can come too!



Crew: John Barchard, Turron Davenport

Guests: From the Scouting Academy - Dan Hatman  

UTEP RB,  Aaron Jones  - Videos:

Dalvin Cook jumped on the Carlin & Reese Show to tell us that the Eagles have a heavy interest in him

We are having some NFL Draft fatigue and we just want it to be here already

John is tired of hearing “you can’t draft a running back in the first round” 

Turron and John debate how much Doug Pederson wants to throw the ball and how that would effect selecting a certain type/style of running back.

What is actually happening right now at this stage of the NFL Draft for NFL front offices? Dan Hatman give us some insight on what is happening the final draft meetings.

“Some of your top executives are finally getting a chance to sit down to with some these players and talk with them. Those guys who’s jobs are on the line to pick these players… the more time they spend with the spend with these players, the more they either fall in love or out of love with them. I think that, to me in my experience was what impacted the board the most.”

Even scheduling visits can get complicated and the 30 visits are necessary the top 30 guys that are on the board

How bad do the fights get when all scouts are in the room debating about a certain prospect?

How would an NFL Scout put together a grade for a guy like Teez Tabor? Dalvin Cook?

Dan thinks there is going to be a lot of movement in Round 1. Prepare for fireworks.

We go over the latest draft visits:

UTEP RB Aaron Jones joins us!

“My mindset is always don’t let anyone stop me and always try to make a play on every play. I feel like to anybody, no one can stop me. [If you] keep that mentality it will take you a long way”

We take your questions!

  • Double dip Witherspoon and Elder round 2&3 and maybe get a Jamaal Williams or Conner in round 4?
  • Who do you have more trust in: Howie's drafting skills or Sixers medical staff?
  • Which one player who has visited the Eagles would you hate to see them draft?
  • If both fall to 14, Lattimore or Fournette?
  • Factoring in scheme how much does not being "the guy" in college concern you for corners? I.e Conley played w/Lattimore, King w/Jones.
  • How many slices of pizza does it take to out eat BLG?
  • Any diamonds in the rough already on the team? Aaron Grimes? Paul
  • Turner? if JMatt is traded could Turner be the slot?
  • What would you feel comfortable giving up to move in the draft (any pick)...What player would you move up to get?
  • Thoughts on Browns fans saying they would rather have Kessler over Wentz?...yes they really said this

If the Browns select ‘Don’t Call Me’ Mitch Trubisky at 1, John would like all of Philadelphia to get a “You F**ked Up” chant going at the draft.

Final thoughts & more!

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