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Crew: John Barchard, James Seltzer, & Turron Davenport 

PRE-DRAFT PARTY NEWS: We will be at Delilah's on Wednesday, April 26th for a BGN Radio PRE-DRAFT Party and broadcast. Stay tuned for more updates on the actual draft party on the night of the draft!


The guys open the show discussing the Timmy Jernigan trade. Spoiler alert: They all like the move. However, not everything was hunky dory, as the crew debated whether they'll honor Jernigan's wish to go by "Tim" instead of "Timmy." What was the final verdict? I won't spoil that too, though you may be able to figure it out by reading this paragraph. I've said too much. Let's move on.

Eagles Safety Rodney McLoud joined the show -- Rodney freaking McLeod! That's pretty cool. Anyhoo, Rodney was awesome. He's a good talker and clearly a bright guy. Plus, he's a great dude who's trying to use his platform to do positive things. Listen to the interview for more, but needless to say, it's easy to want to root for him.

Did you know that Turron Davenport is the most popular man in the world? Well, at least according to the people who called the show. Granted, there is a question about where Turron used hidden funds to solicit these complimentary (aka "we love you Turron") calls, but no verdict has been reached as of this post. And don't worry, we'll keep you updated of any new developments.

Podcast drinking game idea: Drink every time Barchard messes up saying Jernigan's name. Heads up, this is only a good idea if you feel like getting really drunk. #TimmyJergens

Speaking of Barchard, he brought up the potential doomsday scenario with all these one year deals. You'll have to listen to fins out what it is, but it definitely could happen and it definitely would suck.

On the flip side, the guys discussed BLG's compensatory picks theory, which could help offset any doomsday damages. More importantly, it could reshape the entire way NFL front offices go about their business; but you know, whatever, no biggie. 

Luckily, there was a caller who had no interest in any of the things the guys had been discussing. Why is that lucky, you may ask. Well, if it weren't for that caller, we wouldn't have gotten to hear Seltzer do the worst Chris Berman impression the world has ever heard. And there have been A LOT of Berman impressions over the years, so this is a pretty distinguished honor. Congrats James, we're proud of you. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Should the Eagles trade for Richard Sherman? Obviously that's a loaded question that requires more than a simple yes or no answer - as a result, the crew debated it, but you'll have to listen in to see where they came down. This post has been spoiler central so far, I have to shut it down at some point or else I'll get in trouble.

You know what won't get me in trouble? Talking NFL Draft. Everybody loves the draft. The guys talked draft multiple times during the show - with Turron dropping serious knowledge throughout. You'll dig it, I promise.

Lastly, listen to this podcast if for no other reason than to hear Seltzer's disastrous ending to the show. Granted, he was trying to do something nice, but it backfired and sounded horrible. It was just...bad. So enjoy!

If you just came for the intereview, you're in luck! It's right here:

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