BGN Radio #236: Should Brandon Graham Get More Money?



Crew: John Barchard, James Seltzer & Turron Davenport

Some conflicting reports regarding Brandon Graham holding out

But regardless of this has legs or not, we were a little shocked by the reaction from some of the Eagles fans. During the Brandin Cooks trade rumors, Brandon Graham was untouchable but now if he wants more money he’s overrated? How many PFF articles did everyone site when they ranked as the 4th best pass rusher in the league last year?

Regardless of how this ends up turning out. Brandon Graham would be right for wanting more money and the Eagles would also be right if they didn’t want to give it to him.

If the Eagles made a different decision on Curry’s contract would people have a different reaction? Cox’s contract?

Rookie Camp is coming and we are getting excited about the defensive line depth. We are defiantly going to keep and eye on Elijah Qualls and Charles Walker

Elijah Qualls strength is definitely an asset in the trenches. 33 reps on the bench is grown man strength and we are looking forward to him (just like others on the this Eagles squad) to him going from 2 gapping to 1 gapping.

Charles Walker has had a very interesting journey in his college career. Battling injuries and depression he is someone to easily root for this offseason.

James and John have their small NCAA rant with protecting their “student athletes”

Who are you most excited to hear about and see for rookie camp?

James: Sidney Jones’ Twitter account, which also has 1st round talent. Also, Donnell Pumphrey

Turron: Donnell Pumphrey, Corey Clement

John: Jerod Evans. And just based on film alone, there is no reason at all to keep Matt McGloin as QB3 over Evans.

We answer your questions!

- What 2nd year player not named Carson Wentz will make the biggest leap this year?

- Do you see Mills sliding to the nickel or does he stay on the outside (assuming Jones is still injury)?

- What is the plan if they end up keeping Kendricks? Are they gonna go with a 4-2-5 or what?

- What are the pros and cons of Jeremy Hill being an Eagle?

- Why do fans want to trade JMatt when he has more production than Ertz has at this point of his career?

Final thoughts & more!

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