BGN Radio #237: Is LeGarrette Blount A Lead Back?

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BGN Radio #237 Crew: John Barchard, Vince Quinn


Show Topics:


GJ Kinne retired and then got hired by SMU, so we are planning to throw him a party this summer. Stay tuned.

The Eagles make it official and sign LeGarrette Blount, so what are your expectations?

Had the most carries of his career last year, but he had a lot of carries early in the season while the Patriots are missing Tom Brady.

John: I think he’s 130 carry guy this year just based on Doug’s offense and what they already have in the backfield

Vince: I would actually be surprised if he a steady work load throughout the season. People’s expectations might be in the high teens for carries for every game and there might some games where he might just get 7 or 8. 

We play some audio from Blount’s press conference

Eagles were terrible at converting on the ground last year and Blount can not only help with that but allow Pederson to stay aggressive on 4th downs.

Even Blount doesn’t work out, this is a great signing to see what you have with Smallwood & Pumphery. Doesn’t put the pressure on them and give time for Pumphery to eat some cheeseburgers. 

As much as Joe Douglas had said that they do value the RB position during the offseason its been pretty clear that they don’t. Now, that could be because of a lot of different needs but the track record is clear.

What do you think of the approach of the Eagles offseason?

Obviously not everything will workout with the signings/draft picks… which move do you think doesn’t workout?

Vince put the jinx on Charles Walker on Monday and he was released to make room for Blount


We answer your questions!

Why did they release Walker and not Clement?

Out of all the players that signed one year deals, who is the most likely to be signed to an extension? Least?

Who has the most 20+ yard plays next year?

O/U Blount has 12.5 TDs - (wheeew)

HOT SAUCE QUESTION: Frank’s Red Hot or Cholula?

How excited are you for the Blount smashmouth football late in games? Peters, Johnson and Brooks are some run blocking freaks baby. #SB52

Do you think the Eagles target a RB next year in the draft in the 1st round?

How many rushing tuddies vs wide receiver tuddies this year?

If Jason Kelce doesn’t get traded and stays on this football team, what is his role?

We imagine what a Power Honey Beau Beau package might look like if Kelce plays FB for 5 snaps a game.

Side notes: Get excited about Alshon Jeffery & put a pin in it with Iowa RB Arkham Wadley

John gives a small tribute to Chris Cornell 

Final Thoughts & more!

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