BGN Radio #240: 5 Biggest Takeaways From OTAs




Episode #240 Crew:  John Barchard, Brandon Lee Gowton, James Seltzer

Reviewing BLG’s practice notes

Five big takeaways from Eagles OTAs

1 - Carson Wentz hasn’t looked awesome

2 - Derek Barnett has been really impressive

3 - Rasul Douglas could be a starting cornerback by Week 1

4 - Nelson Agholor has been consistent, which is more impressive than flashes

5 - Shelton Gibson is going to take some time to develop

Talking about the "fight" that went down at practice

James genuinely asks: How much can you really take away from OTAs? 

Matt McGloin hasn’t looked so bad … maybe even better than Nick Foles?

Random notes on depth guys

Discussing BLG’s article on Jordan Matthews — What’s JMatt’s future in Philadelphia? Should the Eagles re-sign him?

We answer your Eagles questions!

@MattGrumbrecht asks:  At what point are we allowed to panic regarding Wentz's OTAs?

@Ezrarip asks: Assume that the D-Line get 40 sacks next year. Spread out those sacks amongst our line. (Ex: Barnett 8, Cox 8, Curry 8, Graham 8, Timmy 8)

@giomor96 asks: Best Saw movie? Best Friday movie? 

@Stephen_Lee20 asks: Over/Under: Barnett - 6 sacks Wentz - 4K yards (he'd be the first #Eagle ever) Agholor - 500 yards Smallwood - 600 yards?

@JustinLamphere asks: What level of production do you expect to see from Zach Ertz and do you think he can sustain it throughout the season?

@TheMightyEROCK asks: One thing each one of you do that drives the other nuts?

@mattywils asks: If you had a daughter, would you rather she date Chip Kelly or Doug Pederson?

@Bair12 asks: What's the crowd reaction when the first pass in the game to Alshon Jeffery is dropped?

@Willing2GoHamm asks:  Best place to eat a cheese steak? Pats? Or Genos? I'm from KC.

@TriumphMcCloud asks: KillMarryF: Washington, Dallas, New York. Open to interpretation.

@mark_adamiak asks: How much money would it take for you to get tackled without pads by Fletcher Cox?

@freecrack96 asks: Which player is gonna let us down this season? (Not injury related) If he does can the eagles compete for a playoff win?

Final thoughts and more!

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