We Should All Be Rooting For Nelson Agholor

This week on the podcast, the guys all collectively mentioned how good Nelson Agholor looked...

 Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

The explosiveness seemed to be back, he was running crisp routes and according to Doug Pederson, new wide receiver coach Mike Groh, has really lit a fire under the kid.

And honestly, we should be rooting for this to happen, both selfishly as Eagles fans, but also because players like Nelson deserve to make it. 

Yes, Agholor has been one of the most frustrating Eagles players in recent memory and yes, he's been in the direct line of many of my curse-words on gamedays, but last year I genuinely felt bad for him. 

Agholor was on the brink of breaking down mentally against the Seahawks and even though, in the moment, I was incredibly angry, after listening to his quotes postgame, he's just a kid that seems to have the weight of a whole city on his shoulders. He's the butt of everyone's joke. He's been labeled as a bust. And even though it's not all his fault, I'm sure he feels like everyone has blamed this teams problems on him recently. Seeing Nelson Agholor emerge from this would be one of the coolest turnarounds we've ever seen in this city and I for one am rooting for it. It would show mental gumption unlike any that I've seen and it would remind us that not everyone comes into this league and is a bonafide star right away. 

Whether you want to admit it or not, Agholor is a guy that you want on your team. He's a notoriously hard worker and has never had any problems with his teammates. In fact, when he was going through the ringer last year, many of his teammates stepped up and said how hard of a worker he was and that they were all pulling for him. That says a lot to me. 

So now it's year 3 of the "Nelson Agholor Era" in Philly and this is the year that he will have the least amount of pressure on him. The team brought in Alshon Jeffery to be the teams main possession receiver and Torrey Smith to be the deep threat that Agholor couldn't, and really shouldn't, have been. There are zero expectations on Agholor's shoulders this season, which for the moment, is perfect. It's pretty much as close to a fresh start as possible for a guy that has the talent to be a good receiver in this league. As Turron has mentioned many times, most receivers take time to develop in this league and the Mike Evans, OBJ and Amari Cooper's of the world have changed most NFL fans mindsets. Hopefully, Agholor can join Jordy Nelson, Demaryius Thomas and Davante Adams as recent wide receivers that struggled their first two years only to take the leap in their third year. 

And really, the Eagles could use it, from a "dishing out money" standpoint. Think about this for a second, a year from now Torrey Smith and Jordan Matthews could both walk. If Agholor shows something this year, the decision to let those guys walk would be a lot easier, especially Matthews. A couple people have suggested that Agholor's future is in the slot and not as the deep threat the Eagles used him as last season. I think the future of that position is clearly in the hands of Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson, but the slot may be Agholor's. Agholor has always been pretty good with the ball in his hands in space and the slot would be the most effective in doing that. If he can emerge in the slot, the Eagles will have an easier time saying no to Matthews contract demands and they can use the saved money elsewhere. 

So with all that being said, Nelson Agholor for future slot receiver!

We should all be rooting for him because we should root for hard work and good people because Philadelphia is a blue collar city and yadayadayada. 

If he turns in another horrible season my @ is as always @BrandonGowton

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