NFL Celebrations Are Back, Now Get Rid of The Pro Bowl



Roger Goodell finally fixed touchdown celebrations. Next, he needs to fix the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl is meant to be an annual showcase of the league and it's top talent. Instead, it's a perennial laughing stock. The players don't like being there and the fans don't like watching it. What should be done?

Get rid of it.

The NFL has fiddled with the Pro Bowl for years now. They've had no success. Football doesn't work as an All Star game. It's not fun without defense (NBA), it's not good with less players (NHL), and there's too few games to play it mid-season (MLB). Move on.

If the NFL wants to showcase the league they should have a convention. It would be a super event in March that would touch on all aspects of NFL fandom. Bring out the Hall of Fame class and have a Q and A. Have All Pro players sign autographs. Screen exclusive footage from the Super Bowl. Auction off gear from that season. Invite major free agent signings from the host city. The sky is truly the limit.

A convention would be an event that's informative, entertaining, and accessible. Players wouldn't have to worry about injuries. Fans wouldn't front flights to  Hawaii. The league would be able to sponsor the hell out of it and broadcast over different outlets.  Everyone wins....unlike the Pro Bowl.