BGN Radio #242: How Much Will Wentz Cost In 2020?


Episode #242 Crew: John Barchard, Ben Natan & Vince Quinn



  • So now that Derek Carr is at 25m/yr for the next 5 year.... what kind of price would expect for Carson Wentz in 2020?

  • Will this make Kirk Cousins' price a little higher if he decides to sign a long term deal with Washington?
  • Will we see a 30m/yr contract before it's Carson's turn to get paid or will the QB market eventually reset itself a little?
  • We debate if the trend of running backs will continue and if there is enough great QBs to still make this a passing league in the next 10 years


  • From @ndutton13 : What is your favourite thing(s) about England?
  • From @The1andOnlyThad: The Eagles 53 man roster enter a Battle royal match. Who wins?
  • From @cuomosan: Which member of the Eagles squad who you want to be your best man?
  • From @casey_young52: When is future eagle Kyle fuller coming? Or will he join the list headlined by frank gore?
  • From @Stevenmrys: If you were stuck on a desert island together how long would it take before you start finding the other one attractive?
  • From @CaptainSidd: Offensive line depth - who do you think makes the roster? Any Chance of Warmack sticking around? And yes, I just wanted to make that pun.
  • Follow up question from @rawgmoto: How long until one of you starts to look like a burger, and the other starts looking like a drumstick?
  • From @JuanLGalaviz: You're stuck in a movie like Zombieland.....Who from the crew you taking as your Woody Harrison, and....who's your Emma stone....and who's the little sister?
  • From @KJSpringer23: Is Jordan Matthews getting underrated by fans? I think he is a high end #2 option at WR
  • From @MattGrumbrecht: What's the best thing you've ever eaten besides a Woodrow's steak and cheese?
  • From @JayBeast23: I wanted to know which game will be the biggest game this season. I believe week 2 against the Chiefs. Doug has to prove that he outsmarts Andy. Also, would you guys rather loose 2 super bowls against the Pats & win one a year later vs the Steelers or just go there once and beat the Pats?
  • From @phillyphan333: If you guys come to LA for either game this year, will you hangout at Philly West in Westwood?
  • From @notmyrealemails: Who would you take on the over for wins 2017/18 season? Eagles 9.5, Flyers 43, Phillies 65 or Sixers 45?

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