BGN Radio #243: How Good Can The Eagles OLine Be?

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Episode #243 Crew: John Barchard, Brandon Gowton & James Seltzer


  • We get into PFF's ranking of the Eagles offensive line, chat about Jason Peters' cap number and debate about how many games he will play this season. PLUS we take your questions and a lot more!


  • From @ndutton13 : If you could only eat one colour food for the rest of your life, what colour would it be? (Shout out to @Dameshek for this one). #Weird
  • From @irockphilly : What will Eagles biggest weakness be?...... Defensive backs/ pass coverage?
  • From @professor_Ape: If you have to support another nfl team (like the clownboys) for the rest of your life and in exchange the Eagles Win a SB, Would you do it?
  • From @casey_young52: What is your best pick up line besides what's going ooooooonnnnnnnn linda! - ?
  • From @Bair12: You guys doing a fantasy podcast?
  • From @ESPNHQ: If you had to trade up into the top 10 of next year's draft, what would you do to get it done? And is any prospect worth that jump?
  • From @IRVINGNAK: Britania Bar in Santa Monica is an Eagles Nest, will you guys be there when the Eagles play the Rams/Chargers?
  • From @DawkingTed: MFK the eagles projected starting interior offensive line (Seumalo, Kelce, Brooks)
  • From @notmyrealemails: Who is the rookie who is most likely not going to live up to expectations (not that Eagles fans would be unrealistic with rookies)?
  • From @goodnewfie: What's a good theme song for this upcoming Eagles season? #GoBirds
  • From @_Lexluger: Who would win a game of 21 (basketball) out of the BGN crew?
  • From @Mikelennial/@ColinHumphreys: Which Eagles player will be the player people complain most about not making the team?

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