The Power: The Best Eagles to Have a Beer With

 Each week we'll give you a new power ranking. It's that simple.


5. Jordan Hicks

Simba is the man. Just watch this video when you get a few minutes and tell me Hicks isn't great. Energetic, charismatic, and a hell of a player. He's a must have on the list.

4. Jason Kelce

Kelce is a likable guy that's seen it all when it comes to the Eagles. He's spent time with Andy Reid, Chip Kelly and Doug Pederson. What are they like? What were their policies? How do they approach coaching differently? Kelce would have fantastic insight.

3. Darren Sproles

Do you know how incredible Darren Sproles really is? He has the record for the most all purpose yards in a season. He's Kansas state's all time leading rusher by nearly 2,000 yards. He's still considered a high-quality threat at age 34. Now remember he's 5'6". Sproles is fucking incredible. I could spend hours on end hearing from a guy that every said "no" to and he did it anyway.

2. LeGarette Blount

He's had a wild ride in his career. He punched a guy in the face during a game in college, got suspended for smoking pot with Le'Veon Bell, and won two Super Bowls in New England. His whole life should be sponsored by Miller Lite.

1. Malcolm Jenkins

Jenkins has put himself right in the middle of the nation's biggest ongoing firestorm. He's done it gracefully, thoughtfully, and publicly. I have a lot of respect for Jenkins and to get a few minutes with him talking about where we're at as a society would be unforgettable. I might even wear a bow tie to the bar!

Love the list? Hate it? The Power was done by @ItsVinceQuinn this week. Let him know what you think!


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